What will Arrested Development look like under a Trump presidency?

arrested development season 4 trump season 5 remix mitch hurwitz jason bateman

A family of real estate moguls. Corruption, money problems, and a border wall with Mexico. Promising to achieve things quickly and then failing anyway. Gaudy displays of wealth, from a family who weren’t actually as wealthy as they said they were. Possible incest. Potentially shady deals and unethical agreements. Unsuccessful product lines. A ‘yuge’ mistake. Sound familiar? 


So, I’ve updated my blog to host it on WordPress rather than tumblr; part of what that means is that I’m going through every old post to reformat it and just sort of spruce it up a bit. Happening on this one – exactly a year after I first wrote it, on 28th May 2018 – it has very much not aged well.

A year ago, I didn’t think that my interest in Arrested Development season 5 would drop like a stone after some pretty horrific interviews that suggest, frankly, the Trump similarities don’t stop on the screen. Which, you know, just of course. Of course. Ugh.

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