Ten Years of the Tenth Doctor: The Infinite Quest (Part 5)

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Live by the cutlass, die by the cutlass.

This was the most frenetic of all the Infinite Quest episodes – although all that amounts to is a fast-moving background image. Actually, it’s a little confused in a few places, with a bit of an odd sense of motion and staging. Once again, it’s difficult to describe this as any good.

And, again, I’m inclined to ask what the point of this all is. Like, yeah, it’s the extra additional Doctor Who content for a kids show, but why did it take this form? Because it’s not like it’s actually any good in these three-minute cut scenes, and I doubt it’s going to be any good in the omnibus edition – just a strangely disjointed and oddly constructed fifty minutes.

Really, The Infinite Quest shouldn’t have existed in the format that it does. This form of serialised storytelling isn’t very well suited to the demands of the project; I can’t imagine it would even have held the attention of its audience week on week. It’s actually surprisingly difficult to remember what happened the last week anyway, although probably because not much is happening anyway.

It feels like this is a series that should have taken a leaf from the DWA comics, really. Short comic strips, aimed at the same child audience as Totally Doctor Who, that were typically one and done little runarounds. They could probably have adapted some of them wholesale, in fact; they tended to be quite imaginative, but still would have been well suited to animation. Sketching out an improbably situation or strange world quickly and then resolving it within four minutes – easy peasy.

Really, that’s what would have helped The Infinite Quest. In aiming to be a ‘normal’ Doctor Who story but stretched out over thirteen weeks, it ends up being oddly bloated yet still strangely truncated. The approach should have been to go for something simpler – just a series of vignettes and short stories. The Doctor playing chess with a funny looking alien. An old man in China telling his grandchildren how he met the Doctor and Martha years ago. Martha looking for a present for her mother in an alien marketplace.

Maybe I’m overestimating the budget for animation – it could simply be that this is actually quite a cheap way of animating the story, limiting the different locations and so on. Equally, it might have been a marketing thing, with the option of later DVD sales and etc. Or, probably most likely, they thought this was the best idea and I’m just wrong!

I doubt it, though. Because in its week on week format, The Infinite Quest just isn’t very good. And I don’t mean that in terms of “I can’t make any words up to talk about it” – it’s just not that entertaining. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t very entertaining ten years ago, either. I’d be quite interested if anyone does remember enjoying it in that weekly format. Also, quite surprised.


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