Broadchurch series 3 finale – who attacked Trish? One last look at the suspects

broadchurch season 3 david tennant olivia colman charlie higson chris chibnall trish attacked suspects

Over the past eight weeks we’ve watched Broadchurch, with rapt attention, as Hardy and Miller attempted to solve one final crime.

The first episode saw Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondlalgh) calling the police the morning after being sexually assaulted. Over the course of the rest of the series, it was revealed that there was a serial rapist in the coastal town.

Tonight (Monday, April 17), the attacker is set to be revealed – last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger as Miller and Hardy found the last piece of evidence they needed. Here’s a final look at who it could be, and why…

One last piece on Broadchurch for the Metro.

I never got these articles quite right, to be blunt. There was something that seemed a little tawdry about writing, effectively, whodunnit theory posts for Broadchurch series 3 in a way that doesn’t quite seem to apply with the first two instalments of the show. Indeed, while I was writing them, one of my Yahoo colleagues Ben Homes wrote something to that affect, saying the show wasn’t about a whodunnit; while I’m not quite sure I’d agree, it did feel a little like an indirect, whether consciously or not – probably not, and it was more my own concerns about what I was doing that prompted how I read his piece.

You can notice, too, that I never quite came out and directly addressed what happened in Broadchurch, always using words like “attacked” or “assaulted”; my friend Zak, who’d been reading my articles but not watching the show, was under the impression until fairly late in the season that there had been another murder, which is telling.

So, yeah, I don’t know. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think my approach with these articles is exactly an ethical failing or whatever, but there was definitely a bit of a screw-up going on here.

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