Veep season 6: Everything you need to know about the US political comedy

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Incompetent presidents, catastrophic press briefings and constant mistakes from the White House administration – it might sound like real life.

And, well, it is.

But before Trump came to office, this was also the plot of Veep – the American cousin to British political comedy, The Thick Of It. Veep is a workplace comedy that took on the highest office in the land. This month, it’s returning to our screens and bringing with it a new take on its celebrated satirical humour.

Here’s a quick post on Veep for the Metro, which I’m really looking forward to – might try and do some reviews, we’ll see. I find comedy notoriously difficult to write about; after all, explaining the joke is never very funny.

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Doctor Who – Top 5 Moffat Moments

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Steven Moffat has had a long association with Doctor Who, stretching as far back as July 1996, when he wrote a short story for the Virgin novel line; today, of course, his primary association with Doctor Who is as showrunner, a role he’s occupied since 2010. The tenth series, the first episode of which will be broadcast this evening, is going to be Moffat’s last as head writer – so now seems like a good time to take a look back across the past seven years, and celebrate some of his greatest triumphs.

This article was quite fun to write! It’s a selection of five YouTube clips from the Moffat era, with a little explanation/analysis of each one underneath. Of course, in testament to how great Moffat is, it’s the ones that I didn’t include that speak volumes – there are so many to choose from!

Writing this article really did make me appreciate Moffat more. Even I’ve had a few moments where I lost faith and struggled with some of his work (almost but not quite joining the STFU-Moffat bandwagon), I’ve come back around again in the years since. He’s bloody great, his Who has been great, and I’m going to miss it; hopefully, before Christmas, I’ll be able to write a few retrospectives about his era and why it’s so great.

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