Why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story wasn’t as good as everyone thought it was

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Star Wars: Rogue One is finally released on DVD today, having already been available on digital download since last week.

As you’re re-watching the latest Star Wars spin-off, though, you might be met with a worrying thought – that the film is actually not quite as good as you thought it was the first time round.

Yes, it’s true – Star Wars: Rogue One isn’t actually all that good.

From forgettable characters to continuity-overload, here are a few reason why you might not want to watch it a second time.

I wrote an article about Star Wars for Metro, specifically about Rogue One. I never really got around to reviewing the movie properly when it first came out, but this sums up most of my thoughts on it.

Mind you, in the time since, I have been thinking I should probably rewatch it – I am massively out of step with the general cultural consensus about this film, and I do wonder if there’s something I’m missing. It’s possible that, because I watched it after having been awake for around 24 hours, I was just in the wrong state of mind to appreciate it – but I doubt that had much of an effect. Perhaps I’ll write about it again come… ooh, December 2018?

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