There were discussions overheard in the canteen at BBC studios that an unknown Welsh actor Michael Austin was to be a potential Dr Who. He used to play the Anesthetist in Casualty and was in a film aired at the Cannes film festival.

This is a reply to an ask sent to me on the old blog. I’ve mostly been removing the tumblr asks, because they format weirdly on wordpress and I’ve not quite worked out what to do with them now, but this one is too funny to lose frankly.

So, I’ve been meaning to reply to this for a while – I was first sent it on the 27th Feb, so I’m more than a little bit behind.

Anyway, alongside this message was also a submission, which you can see here:

Basically, whoever sent this was quite keen to put Michael Austin’s name in the running.

Not a whole lot to report back on really, or even any meaningful detective work to do – from a brief look at Mr Austin’s IMDb and LinkedIn pages, it seems that he’s actually a part-time actor, who mostly takes on small parts when he’s not teaching (which seems to be his main job). Cynically speaking, I suspect that this message was sent by him, or his agent, in an attempt to start a rumour that would boost his profile. I’m not really the one to go to if that’s the plan, but I’m flattered that you think it’d work!

More seriously, though, as far as I can tell casting decisions for the next Doctor probably won’t have started yet, or are still only at their most tentative stages; Peter Capaldi’s regeneration episode hasn’t started filming yet, and Chris Chibnall would have only just recently finished Broadchurch post-production. Basically, it’ll be a while yet before Chibnall asks Phoebe Waller-Bridge or Natalie Dormer to do an audition.

Over the next few months, before the next Doctor is announced, I’m hoping to throw out some potential concepts for actors and characterisations. Might be a fun thing to do. I’m also hoping to go back over the whole “female Doctor” argument, maybe look at some prospective Doctors who never materialised, that sort of thing.

Anyway. Brief diversion aside, this was an interesting message to get. I look forward to laughing about it with my future buddy Mike, should he actually be cast as the Doctor!

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