3 Things I want to see from Doctor Who Series 10

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As far as I’m concerned, Doctor Who should be a show that’s constantly reinventing itself – much as the TARDIS takes its occupants somewhere new each week, so should the show give its audience something new each week. Strange new worlds, exciting characters, innovative stories – Doctor Who should always try to be pushing the boundary of genre television. After having seen a lot of Doctor Who, I’m always on the lookout for something I’ve never seen from the show before.

A few thoughts on what I’d like to see from the next series of Doctor Who, inspired by an article from one of my Metro colleagues.

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Is a sequel to The Night Manager a good idea?

the night manager tom hiddleston hugh laurie olivia colman tom hollander elizabeth debicki bbc one hd john le carre

For one thing, one has to consider the integrity of the piece – given the ending of the first series, what reason is there to reunite our three leads again? It’s obvious that this is happening because of the success of the first series, and it’d be churlish to denigrate the follow-up on that basis – but the question as to whether it’s the only reason for a sequel is worth asking nonetheless.

Perhaps I’m just biased – after all, I was one of the few people who didn’t love The Night Manager, or even particularly like it. From the nasty fridging as the show began, to the thin writing and poor characterisation of Tom Hiddleston’s Jonathon Pine, there were quite a few flaws to the show that stood in the way of my enjoyment of it. And, indeed, they continue to stand in the way of my interest in a sequel.

Short answer: Probably not.

Long answer? Well…

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