The Inbetweeners reboot could work – with a female cast

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There’s prior form here that gives reason to be sceptical of remaking this particular show – after all, MTV tried their hand at this, giving the world an American iteration that nobody wanted to needed. To be blunt, it wasn’t very good; it’s understandable, then, that one would fear the same happening again. Much of what made the show work the first time around was the chemistry shared by the four leads – if you don’t have that, what’s the point in making yet another show about four teenage guys?

Answer: Don’t make it about four teenage guys. Make it about four teenage girls.

I wrote a post about that Inbetweeners reboot that people have been talking about recently. Basically, the only way it could work is if it were done with four girls. Admittedly, the argument in the post isn’t perhaps so well stated; there’s a lot of things in it that I take for granted, because I’m still working out how to articulate them properly. But I stand by the basic idea nonethless.

(About a year later, give or take, Channel 4 aired Derry Girls, to massive critical acclaim. It’d be oversimplifying massively to liken to The Inbetweeners, or to say that its popularity was just because it was about four girls, but I do think it at least helps to prove the above point a little bit.)

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