How accurate was BBC One’s alternate history thriller SS-GB?

ss gb nazis len deighton bbc one alternate history the man in the high castle

It’s the BBC’s answer to The Man In The High Castle – an adaptation of a popular novel that posits an alternate reality where the Nazis won World War Two.

SS-GB has been a high stakes thriller – but just how accurate was it? If the Nazis had occupied Britain would it have looked like this?

Obviously, it isn’t, and was never going to be, massively super accurate, because it’s about a fictional alternate history. So, a clear limit there.

I didn’t even watch the show. Meant to. Never did though. Ifunanya and Zak watched it. I can’t remember which of them liked it. One of them definitely did. I think. Maybe neither did.

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The Inbetweeners reboot could work – with a female cast

the inbetweeners girls will charlotte reboot drifters some girls derry girls mtv

There’s prior form here that gives reason to be sceptical of remaking this particular show – after all, MTV tried their hand at this, giving the world an American iteration that nobody wanted to needed. To be blunt, it wasn’t very good; it’s understandable, then, that one would fear the same happening again. Much of what made the show work the first time around was the chemistry shared by the four leads – if you don’t have that, what’s the point in making yet another show about four teenage guys?

Answer: Don’t make it about four teenage guys. Make it about four teenage girls.

I wrote a post about that Inbetweeners reboot that people have been talking about recently. Basically, the only way it could work is if it were done with four girls. Admittedly, the argument in the post isn’t perhaps so well stated; there’s a lot of things in it that I take for granted, because I’m still working out how to articulate them properly. But I stand by the basic idea nonethless.

(About a year later, give or take, Channel 4 aired Derry Girls, to massive critical acclaim. It’d be oversimplifying massively to liken to The Inbetweeners, or to say that its popularity was just because it was about four girls, but I do think it at least helps to prove the above point a little bit.)

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Where next for Steven Moffat?

steven moffat doctor who sherlock joking apart coupling dracula career next step theatre sitcom

Prior to Doctor Who, much of Moffat’s work was in sitcoms – shows like Joking Apart and Coupling being particularly notable for their semi-autobiographical nature. Might we see something in this vein from Moffat once more – a spiritual successor to Coupling, much like Cucumber was to Queer as Folk, bringing with it a comedic interpretation of the last decade of Moffat’s life? Might it be time for a subversive, satirical workplace comedy, based around the hectic production of one of the biggest shows in the world?

An article pondering about the future of Steven Moffat’s career, because I’m presumptuous like that.

It does seem likely – based on comments that he’s made in interviews and so on – that Moffat will return to comedy, and given that all his previous comedies have been semi-autobiographical, it’s possible they’ll continue in that vein. I think I’ve sort of built up a platonic ideal of Moffat’s future career in my head, with little heed paid to what he might actually want to do. Imagine him casting Mark Gatiss as the lead of the show, a writer helming “Mr X”, the BBC’s most high-profile science fiction programme. It’d be hilarious.

(Of course, not long after leaving Doctor Who, Moffat said he’d do a bit of theatre and then adapt Dracula with Gatiss. And then he wrote a Doctor Who book. So, you know.)

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4 Easter eggs and comic book references you missed in Iron Fist episode 1, Snow Gives Way

iron fist snow gives way danny rand finn jones marvel netflix the defenders scott buck easter eggs

Marvel has released its latest hotly anticipated superhero show, Iron Fist. As ever, it’s packed to the brim with Easter eggs and references to both the source material they adapt and the wider world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s just a few of these references you may have missed.

I’ve done another ‘easter eggs’ article, this time for the premiere episode of Iron Fist. I won’t be doing them for every episode of the show, however, basically because I don’t hate myself enough to watch the entire thing.

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