How Clique masters tone to present a tightly wound thriller

clique bbc three jess brittain bryan elsley Robert McKillop Synnøve Karlsen

The premier episode exists in a liminal space of uncertainty, with every frame of the episode imbued with a subtle sense of discomfort. In turn, then, Clique becomes a particularly tense and taut hour of television, crafted with a real precision that positions it as one of the most effective pieces of drama BBC Three has put out in a long, long time.

Part of this discomfort is a gradual probing of the darker aspects of the world that Clique presents; from the twisted energy of the party scene to the high-pressure competition of internship applications, this is a show that focuses on delving into the depths without holding back. Indeed, there’s an unrelenting intensity to Clique that’s borne of this incremental unveiling of the darkness, carried well by nuanced characters and compelling performances.

The latest drama offering from BBC Three, Clique is a fabulous piece of television. I’m very fond of this show. And this article, come to that.

I really deliberated over this article, actually, trying to make it into something special – because Clique deserves that level of high quality writing about it! You can be the judge over how successful I was in that regard, mind you.

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