Johnathon Schaech on Southern Fury, working with Nic Cage, and finding the truth in his performances

The biggest part of me, for anything that’s any sort of military or police work, is I always just try not to forget that every time I look. You know, we’re making a movie, and unlike real life you just have to be more entertaining, and think then “you guys do really good jobs”. So, I was trying to tell the truth – I always try to find the truth. 

I studied with the marines, with friends of mine that were former military, I went to the veterans down in the Redwood area by Los Angeles, trying to get as much information as I possibly could, so that I would know my job. What he was going through, and why he was going through what he was going through, as much as I possibly could – because it is a great deal of responsibility.

My most recent interview, with Johnathon Schaech on his movie Southern Fury – which is also called Arsenal, for some reason I’m not quite sure of. I think it’s an America/International audiences thing.

Anyway, Johnathon was very talkative, and said lots of interesting things about the film, and his approach to the role. Which is always nice! This was quite an early interview for me, I think maybe the fifth or so, so it was nice that it went well.

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