In its 70th year, BAFTA continues to celebrate the best of the arts, and why they matter

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Further, we saw a celebration of the power and the value of the arts – this was, if nothing else, the key theme of the evening. It was evident particularly through the speeches – as Noomi Rapace put it, now is a time when “our art is more important than ever”. Indeed, it was a common theme throughout the night, with Mark Rylance touching on the same idea; he noted that art is now “more needed and more important in society” than it has been before. Many of the speeches were based around this idea, repeatedly emphasising that “there is more tying us together than is tearing us apart” – and art is a key part of that.

Emma Stone put it best, though, when she commented on “the positive gift of creativity, and how it can help people feel a little less alone”. Because that is true – it’s the value of art. The ability to influence, and the ability to unite, and the ability to inspire emotion. And that’s the value of the BAFTAs, too – taking a moment to celebrate this art, and to remember why it’s so important.

A quick article I wrote last night on the BAFTA ceremony, and how it celebrated the power of the arts.

A few weeks later, Alexis pointed out , rightly, this was not especially good. Far be it from me to disagree with him, especially when he’s correct.

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