The sun sets on Broadchurch in new series 3 trailer

broadchurch david tennant olivia colman hd background wallpaper chris chibnall dorset cliff trailer season 1 revival new series trailer

Certainly, I hope that’s the case across this season; while there’s nothing wrong with further developing the story and introducing new characters, the strengths of Broadchurch always came from the characters and community it depicted. In some ways this was one of the problems with the second season – it lost sight of the best aspect of the first season in an attempt to replicate its plot, without realising that the plot had only ever been a vehicle to develop the characters in the first place.

Similarly, I hope that this third season can tackle the sensitive topic of sexual assault with the same grace that the first season did the death of a child; it’s a particularly complex topic, and one that needs to be handled with care. Thankfully, there’s reason to expect it will be, as Chris Chibnall has reportedly been consulting with both police and response organisations who deal with the matter to this end.

A quick post about the new Broadchurch trailer. I’ve never written about Broadchurch before! Expect that to change.

(Well, it just has. I mean, “expect me to write a lot about Broadchurch over the coming months”, obviously.)

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