Taylor Sheridan on his Oscar-nominated screenplay for Hell or High Water, his directorial debut Wind River, and more

Taylor Sheridan Hell or High Water Sicario day of the soldado wind river hd oscars 2017 screenwriting

Sicario was a very complicated screenplay; you have these characters you know nothing about, and you don’t really know anything more about them personally at the end of the film than you did at the beginning. The one person you do learn about a bit of his past, Alejandro, does things in a way you would never expect. 

The structure of the screenplay itself, I wrote it like a Shakespearean tragedy – it’s on a five-act structure. So there was a lot of… it was a very intellectual venture for me, as opposed to Hell or High Water, which was more stream of consciousness writing. It took me a number of months to write Sicario; I wrote Hell or High Water in a couple weeks. 

This is one of my favourite interviews that I’ve ever done, actually (don’t tell the others!) – it’s also one of the best generally, though, in terms of the questions I asked and the responses I got. So I’m very proud of this one!

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