4 Sherlock easter eggs you may not have noticed in The Lying Detective

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Another episode of Sherlock, another explosive cliffhanger – and now, the game really is on.

In among the excitement, though, did you exercise your deductive prowess? Did you simply see, or did you ‘observe’?

There’s so much going on that, frankly, we don’t blame you if you missed some important moments. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are four Easter eggs you may not have noticed in The Lying Detective

And we’ve got the Metro once more with this article. (I’ve been writing about Sherlock a lot lately, I realise.)

Unlike my previous effort, I didn’t actually think of all of these ones myself, and had to check the internet to clarify a few bits. I know, I know. In this case, I was Lestrade rather than Holmes.

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