The Crown Episode 1 review: Wolferton Splash is a strong start for Netflix’s royal drama

the crown episode 1 wolferton splash matt smith claire foy royal wedding netflix peter morgan stephen daldry

In many ways, this episode is dedicated to setting up the chessboard. It’s not quite about Elizabeth (Claire Foy) in the way one might have expected; rather, it’s dedicated to contextualising her story and introducing the characters. We spend most of our time focused on King George (Jared Harris), Elizabeth’s father – as he copes with a terminal illness, we begin to get an impression of quite how difficult the life of a monarch is, and what exactly Elizabeth will face over the rest of the series. 

The first of several reviews of The Crown I did for CultBox; it’s a series that I have something of a complicated opinion on, in that it’s probably quite good, but I don’t actually like it very much.

(That’s going to become increasingly apparent across the rest of these reviews, but the seeds of it are here even now; it’s interesting to read this initial review back, after having watched the rest of the show and grown increasingly disillusioned with it.)

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