The Flash: Why Zoom should have been Eddie Thawne

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What I find so surprising, though, is that the writers had a much better option open to them that they decided not to take. I’m quite firmly of the believe that had Zoom been revealed to be Eddie, he would have been a far superior villain, and indeed given us a far superior season to boot. I’ve written a little bit about this before, highlighting why I thought Eddie-as-Zoom not only made sense in terms of the plot, but also thematically and dramatically. Consider – Barry has been dealing with the choice he made at the end of the S1 finale. What better villain to confront him with than the one who most directly suffered from this?

This has been bothering me for ages. Basically whenever I watch The Flash, I bring this up, because of how irritated I was by the whole Jay Garrick thing. It was just a mistake. Such a mistake. Ugh.

I will probably write about this again in future, because I’m not convinced this article really does justice to my extensive thoughts on the subject. But it is a start.

Oh, and the image credit is there at Yahoo, but the picture above is by the very talented BossLogic.

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5 people who should write an episode of Doctor Who

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For Steven Moffat’s first series, he focused on assembling a team of ‘celebrity writers’, from Richard Curtis to Neil Gaiman; it gave us a series of episodes that were as fantastic as they were diverse, and it was clearly a choice that paid off. With Chris Chibnall’s first series set to land in 2018, he’s no doubt starting to look at hiring writers to develop episodes – here, then, are a few people who might be worth a look.

A collection of five writers who’d all make interesting additions to the Doctor Who team.

Of course, if you’re reading this, Chris Chibnall, then you should ignore all the above suggestions and just contact me directly. I will literally write the episode for free.

(And if you’re reading this, humble fan, in the year of 2018 or beyond, I feel the need to caveat the majority of the above pretty heavily.)

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