Class Series 1 Episode 3 Review – Nightvisiting

class nightvisiting tanya adeola vivian oparah lankin patrick ness ed bazalgette big finish bbc three ya

Nightvisiting went above and beyond, grounding the story quite heavily with its core characters. In an impressive break from the norm, Class focused here on an aspect of grief which isn’t typically considered: anger. More specifically, though, that’s anger at the deceased; Tanya (Vivian Oparah) ultimately defeats the Lankin because of her anger directed at her late father. It’s a very clever take on matters, which allows Nightvisiting to give a very nuanced and subtle take on the grieving process – the anger at those who have died is something which isn’t discussed very often, perhaps out of guilt, but it’s a facet of mourning which is unavoidable. In juxtaposing Tanya’s anger at her father with a very clear love for him, Patrick Ness weaves a very subtle, yet very true, picture of loss, which is portrayed fantastically by Vivian Oparah.

Another strong early episode, with a great performance from Vivian Oparah.

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Just a Girl, CBBC’s brilliant new transgender radio show for children, deserves to be a full television series

just a girl cbbc transgender mark davies markham conservative trans bbc radio tv

First and foremost, I really would recommend giving it a watch if you haven’t already – it honestly is a very good programme. Just a Girl is astonishingly sweet and heartwarming, and it’s a very well written coming of age story; it does a great job of capturing those complicated and idiosyncratic feelings of starting a new school, and I really think that a lot of CBBC’s core audience would be able to relate to it. Further, it quite deftly handles the matter of transgender issues, and does so in a way that’s well pitched towards young children. Indeed, if any parents or teachers are reading this article, I think that Just a Girl would be a brilliant resource to show to children as a springboard to discuss trans issues, either at home or in school.

So, I heard about this a couple of weeks ago, largely because The Daily Mail were kicking up a fuss about it. Naturally, I then watched it and thought it was brilliant – but I was, admittedly, a little disappointed when I realised I’d misunderstood what exactly it was, and that it was a radio show rather than a television programme. Still, though – it’s a pretty cool piece of work, and it’s one that deserves a much larger audience than it’s currently had.

(A note: I suspect some of the above is clunky – most obviously the title, which I remember deliberating over a lot, and I’m still not convinced I got it quite right. If there’s anything egregious, or anything minor, you think should be changed, please let me know in the comments.)

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Bryan Fuller’s exit from Star Trek represents a move away from auteur-led television

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Ultimately, then, there’s no reason to believe that this won’t be, broadly speaking, the same show we were promised at Comic Con, and as part of all the subsequent announcements. And yet, at the same time, there’s something astonishingly disappointing about Bryan Fuller’s departure from Star Trek.

Part of the reason why I was so excited about this new show was because of Bryan Fuller’s involvement; it elevated Discovery to more than just the latest Star Trek show, but something special in its own right. Because Bryan Fuller is a writer at the top of his game, who’s widely renowned for his unique creative vision – consider the artistry of Hannibal, for example – and I couldn’t wait to see him apply this to Star Trek, a programme that he holds a lifelong passion for and an innate understanding of.

My reaction from a few weeks ago regarding Bryan Fuller’s exit from Star Trek: Discovery. I am, I must admit, astonishingly disappointed.

(With hindsight, I suspect this is not a very good article. If nothing else, I am now waaaay less into the whole auteur thing than I was then; really, I didn’t even believe it anymore by the 31st.)

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