The 4 TV shows that predicted Donald Trump

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The current Republican nominee and potential President of the United States, Donald Trump, is arguably a politician like no other; his misogyny, his xenophobia, and his incompetency are largely unprecedented in US politics. However, there’s more than a few television shows that seem to have had him sussed a long time ago…

Another one for Yahoo. Tackles a couple of different programs – I won’t name them, in the hopes of preserving the surprise, but you could probably figure it out by looking at the tags.

I think this was a good one to write, actually, because it’s a little more engaged than my usual stuff; while it’s still basically just a Buzzfeed list type thing, it is about more than just TV, which is good, I reckon. Healthy. Stretching myself and all that.

(I very much doubt this one has aged especially well.)

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