How the Star Trek: Enterprise opening sequence perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Star Trek

star trek enterprise titles opening sequence theme tune faith of the heart archer's theme

I hold a few dissenting opinions within fandoms – I’ve always been an ardent defender of Love & Monsters, for example, one of Doctor Who’s most despised episodes. But even then, though, while that’s a minority view, I’ve come across a fairly sizeable contingent of people who would agree with me.

Far fewer, however, would agree with me that the Star Trek: Enterprise theme tune is actually pretty good.

Star Trek: Enterprise had often been much maligned. In many ways it’s the black sheep of the Star Trek family; as the only one of the spinoff shows to be cancelled, reaching a mere four years in comparison with the then traditional seven, the poor performance of Enterprise lead to many blaming it for the absence of Star Trek on television – indeed, from the end of Enterprise to the beginning of Star Trek: Discovery, it’ll have been 12 years with no Star Trek on television.

Thankfully, though, people have begun to reappraise Enterprise, and are realising that, while it’s certainly not perfect, it also very much wasn’t the death knell for Star Trek. People are beginning to look on Enterprise and its characters with far more kindness – yet the one thing they won’t forgive remains the theme tune.

I am basically the only person who actually, genuinely, unironically likes the theme tune for Star Trek: Enterprise, so I figured I should probably have a go at justifying said belief.

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