Defending The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Sometimes it seems like the world has gone a little bit mad.

Politics over the past few months has felt like something that The Thick of It or Veep would reject for being too outlandish; we’ve gone way past satire, and into parody. True, things might have settled down a little in Britain post-Brexit and cabinet reshuffles, but we’re also in at a point where the current Labour leader is in a position so precarious he might be ousted because of a train seat. Across the pond it’s a similar story, with a presidential candidate who is… well, we all know of Donald Trump, at this point. Calling for Hillary’s assassination, for the Russians to hack America, and with genuinely racist supporters, the idea of Trump becoming President of the United States is a genuinely scary one. In amongst that all, it’s important to be able to keep your sense of humour.

Enter Trevor Noah, and The Daily Show.

Trevor Noah’s coverage of the election, particularly (or rather, obviously) the Trump campaign, has been incisive and intelligent, while at the same time remaining engaging entertainment. You can quite clearly see how frustrated Noah is, and understandably so; dealing with rampant racism, futile filibusters, and Donald Trump are going to take their toll. Never once, though, has his show been anything less than bitingly sharp satire, with some powerful messages in amongst the jokes.

A new Yahoo article from me, this time talking about The Daily Show in its current incarnation under Trevor Noah. I’m quite fond of Noah as the host, even if the majority don’t seem to be, so I figured I’d write an article about how he’s actually quite good at his job.

(I am generally less fond of The Daily Show now, in 2018, than I was then, in 2016. Things change fast, I guess.)

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