5 Sherlock Holmes Stories to Adapt in the New Series of Elementary

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Jeffrey Paul King, the head writer and producer of Elementary, recently teased on his twitter account that we’d see an adaptation of The Speckled Band, a rather well known Sherlock Holmes story. It got me thinking, then: what if the entirety of Elementary series 5 was built of adaptations from Holmes stories?

Personally speaking, I’d love it. To be honest, I’ve always thought that Elementary missed the boat by not using more of Conan Doyle’s original stories in the first place; while there’s nothing wrong with creating your own stories, when you’ve got a property like Sherlock Holmes, it does feel like a little bit of a waste of potential not to fully avail yourself of all the material available. I would particularly have liked to see Elementary reinvent much of the Holmes canon in the same manner in which it did Watson and Moriarty – that sort of fresh and transformative approach is something I’d quite like to see.

So – which stories, in particular, would I like to see adapted?

I’m quite fond of Elementary – always have been, really. One of my first proper posts on this blog – as in, one of the more analytical, long form, “intelligent” posts – was a comparison between Elementary and Sherlock. (I’m thinking of returning to that idea, actually, and maybe writing about it some more.)

Even though I’ve fallen behind on the show, it’s still something I really enjoy – and something I’m meaning to catch up on!

Interestingly, I did plan this originally as a Sherlock article, and they ended up using bits of The Gloria Scott in Sherlock series 4.

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