The Top 5 Songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1

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I first watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend when it was added to the UK Netflix selection earlier this year; I was immediately taken not just by the eclectic cast of characters or the keen sense of humour, but also by the musical element. Each episode features two entirely new songs, and across the season there was a whole host of different genres, styles and homages on display. The songs are a real testament to the skill of Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s star and executive producer, as well as Adam Schlesinger, the series’ executive music producer.

Each song is more than just a joke, but also functions as an important character moment. My selections reflect that, and indeed reflect quite how talented Rachel Bloom (and indeed the rest of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend team) really are; to be able to consistently write creative and hilarious songs like this takes a lot of skill, and it’s clear that they all have it in spades.

Today’s first Yahoo article is a list of my five favourite songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom’s brilliant CW show which I watched recently. It was fantastic, albeit quite frustrating – at some point soon, ahead of the second season, I’m going to have a write a more detailed post about the series, because there’s a lot of clever stuff going on in it.

Incidentally, one honourable mention for favourite songs is California Christmastime, which I really love.

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