What does Brexit mean for the TV and Film industry?

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EU funding has been important to other ventures too, of course; notable movies in recent years that have received, and been dependent on, funding from Europe included Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady (€1.5m), Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire (€1.3m), and historical movie The King’s Speech (€1m). In terms of television, the EU’s Media Desk provided funding for Sky’s The Last Panthers, as well as Hinterland, Shaun the Sheep, and Inside Obama’s White House for the BBC.

The Olswang Media Group – an international law firm renowned for their experience and expertise in the area of technology, media and telecoms – commissioned an independent report on the impact of Brexit, which can be read in full here. It highlights the potential damage done by restricting free movement of industry professionals, the likelihood of losing important subsidies and support, as well as the general uncertainty which will afflict the industry for a long time to come. 

New Yahoo article from me, on Brexit, and its effect on the TV and film industry. As with a lot of industries following this vote, it’s in a pretty precarious position.

Gotta admit, I am very worried about this vote; it genuinely seems that the country has been co-opted by a very specific, and a very ugly, set of ideologies. This is not a future I ever would have hoped for, or ever wanted to live in.

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