Why I love Supergirl

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So, the last couple of posts I’ve written have been fairly negative, and I wanted to write about something a little more positive. An obvious solution presented itself to me, and now here we are.

It’s been quite a while since I last properly wrote about Supergirl; I managed to review the first three episodes, but in the end other obligations took over and I couldn’t really keep it up. That’s a shame, really, and in a way I feel worse about not having been able to keep up with my Supergirl reviews than my corresponding reviews of The Flash. And that’s because I’ve been enjoying Supergirl more than The Flash, of late, and I genuinely kinda miss writing about it.

I’ll tell you why.

Supergirl is an unabashedly optimistic and positive show, which makes a strong case for the intrinsic value of heroism motivated by compassion. And that’s wonderful. At a point at which so many heroes are grimdark and gritty – even Superman himself – it’s really, truly heartening to see Supergirl rejecting that entirely, and quite firmly taking the stance that caring matters.

The above clip is a brilliant example of that, and it’s why I love Supergirl so much. They take the time, even in amongst the ongoing plots of Kryptonians and Martians and government agencies, to show us the small scale moments of heroism. Kara takes a moment from her day to go and reassure a young girl. How brilliant is that?

Honestly, I love the fact that Supergirl gives us this. The fact that we do see Kara saving a child’s pet from a tree (in a fantastic twist on the usual image, it is in fact a snake called Fluffy), and we do see Kara working with firefighters, and yes, that we do see Kara reassuring a young girl.

Maybe this is just a case of my own idiosyncratic interests and particular tastes in superhero fiction, but I love the fact that Supergirl does “present us with an ideal, and inspire us to be our best selves”.

We can learn a lot from that.

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