Pride 2016 – Looking back on Banana

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However, Cucumber wasn’t the only program Davies was working on at this point; it was accompanied by sister show Banana, an anthology miniseries made up of eight half hour episodes, each focusing on new characters. Where Cucumber was about the life of one specific gay man, Banana used its anthology format to explore the youth of the wider LGBT community in Manchester.

One of the things that’s great about Banana (and I stress it’s far, far from the only thing, merely the one that’s most apt for today) is quite how much it is a celebration of LGBT diversity, and the experiences of LGBT people – not just on the screen, but behind it too.

With today being the last day of Pride 2016, it seemed apt to look back on Channel 4’s fabulous anthology program from last year – a series which did a wonderful job of celebrating the diversity of the LGBT community.

(This is probably fine, if slight, though I doubt I’d write something exactly like it today.)

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4 TV Adaptations of Books You Should be Excited For

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Television adaptations of books are all the rage at the moment – BBC One recently finished airing Love, Nina, a miniseries adapted by Nick Hornby from a book of the same name; Amazon Prime recently had a lot of success with their adaptation of Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, and you may also have heard of this little show HBO makes called Game of Thrones.

They’re not the only ones out there, of course – there are quite a few other exciting adaptations on their way. Here’s a list of the four you absolutely need to look out for most…

A new Yahoo article all about the different television adaptations of books we should be looking forward to!

Always difficult to get the capitalisation right.

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