DC’s Legends of the Dark

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With Vandal Savage defeated and the timeline restored, Rip Hunter bids farewell to his team; each returns to their own time, now truly a legend.

But upon Sara Lance’s return to Star City 2016, she’s met by another Englishman in a long coat who wants to assemble a team. His name is John Constantine, petty dabbler in the dark arts, and they’ve met before.

Darkness is rising, and a new team of Legends must rise up to defeat it.

So! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a program that I’m quite enjoying; it’s consistently fun and engaging, and they’re doing a really good job of developing each character. Certainly, it’s a lot better than Arrow, but… well, let’s not get into that now.

Anyway, something I thought was quite interesting, back before the series premiered, was that it was being marketed as an anthology series; each year, it’d deal with different themes, and something of a revolving cast of characters.

Which, you know, sparked the imagination somewhat. Currently they’re dealing with time travel – what if, next year, they’re dealing with magic?

DC’s Legends of the Dark

John Constantine is assembling a team of his own. It’s comprised of various different individuals from across the world, each of whom have a magical connection (with one notable exception, of course).

This team won’t be travelling across time, but rather, through different dimensions; they’ll visit fiery hellscapes and cold recesses of the underworld, while at the same time having to contend with new threats breaking through into the mortal world.

Each of these individual threats – such as Circe, Gentleman Ghost and Etrigan, all of whom the team will encounter – are being co-ordinated by a much older, much greater darkness.


Known as the Lord of the Unliving, Nekron is the personification of Death; darkness, before ever there was light. It threatens to break into our plane of existence, and corrupt the very fabric of our existence.

And that cannot be allowed to happen.

Hence this team.

  • Sara Lance, an assassin brought back from the dead – one of the few people resistant to Nekron’s powers over life and death.
  • Nyssa Raatko, one of the foremost members of the League of Assassins, and the last Heir to the Demon – that’s not just a title.
  • Kendra Saunders, reincarnated Hawk Goddess, and wielder of an Nth metal mace, one of the few weapons which can counteract the affects of magic. Given her own experiences with death and reincarnation, she’ll prove to be a valuable member of this team – but in many ways, her connection to death will also be their greatest weakness
  • Vixen, owner of the Anansi totem, and capable of channelling the life force any creature in the Animal Kingdom. Mari has a direct link to Anansi the Trickster God, who at times will be a hindrance more than a help.
  • Zatanna, a friend of Constantine’s – Constantine had known her late father, the magician John Zatara. Though she’s only been practicing magic a short time, it’s clear she has the potential to grow more powerful than any other.
  • Ray Palmer, the ATOM. Despite having no knowledge of magic whatsoever, he was with Kendra when Constantine asked for her help. Insisting on joining the team, Constantine quickly relented – after all, he’s not one to say no to a handsome man.

Across the course of their journey together, they’ll realise they are bound by more than just their mission – death unites them all.

As Nekron commands an army of their fallen friends, family and lovers, this group of seven will confront demons both occult and personal, and have to answer the question as to whether it is worth saving the world, quite literally, at the cost of your soul…

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