On 2015

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So, we are now in 2016! I think by this point everyone in all of the timezones should have reached the new year, yes? It’s all a little arbitrary in any case.

Nonetheless, it is a good marker point for reflection! So I figured I’d pick out some of the posts I was most proud of across this past year, because I love taking any opportunity I can to talk about quite how great I am… More seriously, though, I do think that things have gone quite well this year with the blog, and I’m pleased with how my writing style has developed and etc.

Everything in bold is a link to the referenced piece; thus we’ll begin with…

Doctor Who

  • I think my Series 9 reviews, particularly the latter three (Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, and Hell Bent, and ) were amongst the best reviews I’ve ever written. Typically they’re more analytical and focused, and have a better prose style than earlier things I’ve written.
  • One post I’m particularly proud of was my Masterlist of Doctor Who Cast and Crew who support a female Doctor. I kept getting quite involved in debates on the topic, and in the end I did a fair amount of research on who did and didn’t support the idea, and so we ended up with the list. Almost 80 names, comprising actors, writers, directors and producers attached to new, classic and EU Who! (On a related note: Very pleased with my trailer for a hypothetical season of Doctor Who with Natalie Dormer as the Doctor)
  • There’s also this particularly personal post, entitled Some thoughts on Doctor Who fandom, and what Doctor Who means to me. It is, essentially, a response to the more aggressive and cruel “fans” who exist, and why they are The Worst. It is, obviously, entirely superfluous – everyone knows these people are the worst – but I wanted to write my own take on it.

Superhero Stuff

  • This particular review of The Flash 2×06, Enter Zoom. I think it’s one of the smarter reviews I’ve written; I tried to use a non-linear structure, to reflect the way the episode itself is structured. Also, incidentally, I had this one published on the Yahoo TV website – writing for that site is something I’m quite pleased about!
  • Also, this review of Supergirl 1×03, Fight or Flight. I’ve really been enjoying Supergirl, and I’m more than a little disappointed that real world obligations have meant I’ve not been able to consistently review it, but I think with this particular review I did a decent job of articulating some of the series’ main strengths at this stage in it’s development. (I’m glad to say it’s improved further still in the five weeks since that review!)

Books & Writing


  • Both of these are with regards to Star Wars, and indeed with regards to rewriting Star Wars (oh, I’m so arrogant). The first is Rewriting the Prequels; I’d like to think I managed to create a narrative for some potentially better films. And, similarly, some thoughts On the Identity of Kylo Ren; for fear of spoilers, though, no more on that one. (He’s Jar Jar.)

So! That’s that, then. Obviously more I could pick out (I’m really great), but I think for now these are a pretty good selection.

Hopefully, when 2017 rolls around, I’ll have some more posts to highlight. Here’s to a good year!

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