In Anticipation of Doctor Who Series 9

doctor who series 9 peter capaldi jenna coleman steven moffat daleks davros wallpaper hd

New Doctor Who tonight! Isn’t that such a lovely feeling?

Except, of course, it’s not just tonight. We’ve had some new Doctor Who fairly recently as well – there was the Prologue and The Doctor’s Meditation fairly recently too.

And they were quite enjoyable, weren’t they? Admittedly, the Prologue was rather unremarkable. Not a lot you can do in two minutes, to be fair. Set up some interesting stuff, mind you. Back on Karn, with Ohila from Night of the Doctor – that was unexpected, but presumably it’ll carry forward into the episode itself, which could have some potential. There was also that wonderful line from Curse of Fatal Death, which I quite appreciated – “Look after the universe for me. I’ve put a lot of work into it.” So there was a lot to like in the Prologue after all.

Plus, it was released on my birthday. 2 minutes of Doctor Who, straight from Cardiff, basically (arguably) entirely for me. (Except not really.) So, quite a nice thing there!

The Doctor’s Meditation was a lot more substantial, and definitely got me a lot more excited for the new season. Plenty of Moffat’s customary zippy one liners. He’s a really funny writer; there was some brilliant humour in those 6 minutes. I’ll have to try and find those sitcoms of his, because they’re probably excellent.

I do wonder who this mysterious person summoning the Doctor is. The maybe friend maybe enemy. The involvement of the Daleks would perhaps point to Davros, except the description doesn’t quite fit – the description would point to Missy, but Moffat’s always been very careful with the pronouns in the past, and I’m not sure he’d stop doing that just to create a surprise? Seems most likely to me that it’s a new character – and we know there’s one looking for the Doctor, from the synopsis…

So, yes. Really looking forward to the new series!

Here’s my general series 9 tag, where you can see… pretty much everything I’ve written about the upcoming series over the past few weeks. My Doctor Who index of posts can be found here, and here is my review index, where you can see the sort of thing I’ve done for series 8, and will continue to do for series 9.

See you on the other side!

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