TV Trailer Thoughts | Gotham Season 2

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So, new trailer for Gotham!

I didn’t actually talk that much about Gotham on the blog, despite the fact I was actually watching it each week. I quite enjoyed it, for what it was – obviously, it wasn’t perfect, and it was quite rocky in places, but I’m typically willing to forgive a lot when the show is in its first season. It had a largely interesting overarching plot, even if sometimes the individual episodes were lacking; Gordon and Bullock were also pretty good leads, I thought. (Plus, it was nice to watch it as a sort-of prequel to Arrow and The Flash, taking place in the 90s before those other shows began. I have thought of two or three different ways to set up a crossover on there, so, if the CW or Fox is reading, call me.)

So, anyway, I’ll definitely be watching the next series of Gotham. But looking at this trailer, I worry that it’s going to exemplify most of the issues I had with the previous series.

It’s been pointed out by a lot of people already, but it’s still worth a mention – it’s a little odd to position this show as a Batman prequel, yet still depict a set of villains who would, presumably, be fighting Batman later on. It throws up some weird questions about the age of them, for one thing, but actually does something that is much more likely to be a problem for the show long term – we, the audience, know that Jim Gordon is forever fighting a losing battle.

Gordon is never going to win. He’s never going to defeat the bad guys. Even if he sorts out the mob, the masked lunatics will take over. This is essentially always going to be a show about one man making a futile gesture. He’s staring into the abyss, trying not to be swallowed by it, but he can never ever combat it.

That suggests, to me, that we’re going to end up with a worryingly pessimistic and bleak show, that doesn’t really have a legs as a longrunner – I’m not sure if we’ll ever see a fourth season of Gotham, because there’s only so many times we can see our protagonist lose completely.

(Unless, of course, they make a big departure from the canon. Which doesn’t actually bother me, to be honest [I think the best ending for a Fantastic Four trilogy of movies is them being cured of their powers] but often these comic based properties live or die based on the reception of their fans [see again Fantastic Four]. So, who knows with that one.)

Also! Another tentative one. I’m not so keen on the idea of showing one explicit Joker. The only villain I’m not so keen on appearing on the show is the Joker, because he feels specifically and explicitly like someone tied very closely to Batman, not Jim Gordon. That was also why I liked their suggested idea of depicting lots of different potential Jokers across the series, but they appear to have abandoned that fairly quick – I can only think of two characters other than Jerome who might have been Jerome, and they didn’t receive anywhere near the level of focus Jerome did in his own episode. It’s a shame, but not the end of the world, because the Jerome character is still a pretty good one, if a tad underwhelming.

Still. Despite all that, I do have confidence that Gotham can give us a second series that surpasses it’s first. Looking forward to watching it on… well, whenever the UK airdate ends up being.