Doctor Who: no new series in 2016?

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Have you heard the latest Private Eye rumours? 

The BBC doesn’t want Moffat to leave Doctor Who or Sherlock, apparently, so to give him a slightly more humane and manageable schedule, Doctor Who in 2016 will be a series of specials, a la 2009. Which is interesting. There’s all sorts of other things floating around really – Moffat is booked in until 2020, apparently, and also the only person the BBC would want to replace him is Chibnall, presumably off of the back of Broadchurch, except Chibnall isn’t interested, so Moffat stays. (That is really just speculation, for the record. And not on my part, either; just rumours that hav been floating around)

Which is… well, a lot of that sounds a bit far fetched (if it’s true, I’m fairly surprised that Gatiss didn’t even get a look in) but I can believe the 2016 specials thing. Which… ehh, I’m not too fussed. I can see them taking the opportunity to try and play around with the format a little bit – maybe it’d be a Children of Earth style five day event, or maybe they’d have five 75 minute episodes or something. It could work, to treat Doctor Who as more of an event like that – especially since everything since Day of the Doctor has been done with one eye on a cinema screening! The only major worry is that it’d essentially limit the amount of time we’d have with Peter Capaldi. If he only does three years, and one of them is a set of specials… or, if they transition to the new format, maybe the schedule would be less gruelling, and he’d be willing to stay for longer?

It occurs to me that I’m actually okay with all of this, bar a few worries for Moffat – it’s good to give him a more human schedule, but honestly, I always assumed that if it came down to it, he’d choose Sherlock. That seems like the obvious choice – he’s always been keenly aware of the fact that Doctor Who existed before him, and actively wants it to exist after him.

(I find it ironic, actually, that there was talk about just ending Doctor Who with The End of Time? The Powers that Be were unconvinced it could work with Moffat and Smith. Which is understandable, I suppose – they hadn’t brought back Doctor Who, they’d brought back RTD’s Doctor Who. So transitioning to Moffat’s Who was a risk. Now, of course, it’s reached a point where seemingly transitioning away from Moffat’s Who is a risk – because all the work he’s done to allow the show to stand on its own legs makes him seem irreplaceable!)

But, anyway, that’s why he went on to do so much promotion, and try to really make the show take off in America, and things like that. Because he was trying to ensure the show could survive after him. And now, I suppose, he’s shot himself in the foot, because they think it can’t survive without him!)

Ultimately though… I’m actually optimistic about this. Because this going to give Doctor Who a chance to shake up its format a little bit, and maybe come back with something a little newer, a little fresher, and a little more innovative.

Isn’t that what Doctor Who is all about?

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Film Trailer Thoughts | Deadpool (2016)

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Hmm okay.

I don’t actually exactly know why I’m posting about this, because apart from being thinly connected to superheroes, this isn’t really a movie I’d typically be interested in. Never really been into Deadpool, but I’m aware of the basic concept. Not exactly a fan of the humour on display, nor one for overly violent films. Maybe everything I’m about to say now is going to be based on a total misunderstanding of the character, or just my tastes not really intersecting with what the character is.

Basically, though, it doesn’t look very good to me. Schlocky violence, whilst not my thing, is pretty easily justified, but it’s the jokes that stood out more to me. As I understand it, Deadpool is meant to be a fairly funny character, and part of the humour comes from meta references. And, you know, fine – that sort of “not green or animated” joke is probably the sort of thing I am the target for, given that I’ll understand it, and I’m already broadly inclined to like self referential humour. The worry was, though, that they’re simply setting themselves up for a pretty niche market, because if the film gets bogged down in that sort of thing, it’s not going to be accessible for many people.

I guess… essentially it’s meant to be a comedic deconstruction of comic book movies, with added violence, but the comedy comes from self referential humour and puerile sex jokes. That seems to be it, then.

But it’s probably unfair of me to just judge it by the trailer like that though. This isn’t the plot trailer, it’s the “introduce people to the character” trailer. (Though, you know, involved nerd jokes, violence and sex references seems to be the extent of the character as is set up…) It’s almost certain there’s going to be more going on in the rest of the film, obviously.

This is probably a film that is going to be really well recieved by a specific audience (Deadpool fans), have an okay ish reception from everyone else, and probably make back it’s money, but not enough to be considered majorly profitable.

Still, I could be wrong. And here’s hoping I am – it’s always nice to have more good movies.

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