A few idiosyncratic observations from my Great American Adventure

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I have spent this previous week in the American city of Boston! (Not, as I learned, the American state of Boston. Boston is the city, and Massachusetts is the State.) ‘Twas an enjoyable trip, in fact, and I have decided to blog about it, in the classic format of… a list.

  • It’s really, really hot over there. Like, gosh. That was something I struggled with.
  • Huge amounts of flags, aren’t there? I counted approximately 220 while I was over there. Never seen that many Union flags here. Come to think of it, actually, I saw more Union flags over there than I have across several years here. (Union rather Union Jack because it wasn’t flying at sea)
  • Airport security was surprisingly strict. I got a pat down search on my way out of the UK, and that was a bit out of the norm for me – then in America they took fingerprints and mugshots. That was a bit of a shock.
  • The street signs have a red-light hand to say ‘don’t walk’, which i find acceptable – but the sign to walk was a white-light man, rather than a green one like in the UK. This is probably the most inconsequential of all my observations, but I prefer green, to be honest.
  • So many Starbucks’. I was expecting the predominant chain store to be something like McDonald’s (I went there; they did not ask if I wanted it supersized), but no, it was Starbucks, followed by Dunkin Donuts. (Krispy Kreme is still superior)
  • Lots of parks! All these lovely great big open green spaces. If it wasn’t so hot, I might have been more inclined to spend time in those green spaces. Still, it was nice to sit on the benches and look at all the statues. (Why are there so many statues?)
  • I went to MIT, and also to Harvard. Harvard had nicer grounds, but MIT is probably a better tourist attraction, because you can actually go in it and look around the college.
  • There was also, rather wonderfully, free performances of King Lear in Boston Common. They’re doing those until the 9th, so if anyone here is in Boston, give that a look. Make sure you sit near the front though, it’s quite difficult to follow if you’re far away.
  • On books, the covers don’t reach the end of the page. That was weird and irritating.

All in all, though, ‘twas a nice place.

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