Introducing Green Lantern to the Arrowverse

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So, I was thinking about this, because there’s been a few easter eggs and references throughout The Flash (which, by the way, was phenomenal), and a few rumours about the possibly of Diggle in Arrow being revealed to be John Stewart, and then getting a Green Lantern ring.

And then on another website someone posited the question as to how you’d introduce Green Lantern to these shows, if given the chance, and then I ended up writing about it, when I really should have been studying. Thus, I share it with you all…

With Green Lantern, I think you’d have to play a long-term game to get this introduction working, largely because a lot of the elements involved in his character, particularly the aliens, are a bit of a departure from what is currently established. You’d probably weave him in across Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, setting him up as a guest star in each.

I haven’t actually seen the third series of Arrow yet (no spoilers) but generally everyone seems to be indicating that it’s likely we’d meet Hal Jordan in the flashback section of Arrow series 4, because of how the flashback section of series three ended. Good idea. Meet Hal Jordan as a test pilot, before he disappears, and before he gets his ring. You can spend the series (perhaps not all of it) with him and Oliver palling around, learning from each other, and developing the famous friendship of the pair.

Then, over on The Flash, you introduce aliens.

(I’m not really sure how they’re going to do the multiverse, or resolve the cliffhanger, but let’s assume for a moment that at some stage, maybe around the fifth episode, the status quo will be mostly restored.)

You have what appears to be a relatively normal episode. Some sort of powered person, running around, causing chaos, as we’ve become used to. Eventually, though, Barry stops them, and brings this person back to STAR Labs (this is around the middle of the episode we’ll say.) They’re running analysis, and then… “Barry, this isn’t a normal metahuman. This guy… he isn’t even human.” Dun dun duh! We’ve introduced an alien. Cisco responds essentially as you’d expect him to, good opportunity for humour, and so on and so forth.

The alien escapes, and the STAR Labs team can contact General Eiling, or maybe Waller at ARGUS. It’s made pretty clear that they were already aware of aliens, to some extent, but the whole situation is obviously “classified.”

From that point on, Cisco begins to monitor space anomalies, trying to prepare for aliens, and maybe even find more. Eventually, though, he notices that there’s a specific type of anomaly occurring, with a very particular energy signature. This is the Green Lantern Corps, though obviously, he doesn’t know this. Yet.

Around this time, over on The Flash, we’d also introduce a new character working at the Central City Gazette (is that what it’s called?). He’s an artist, going by the name of Kyle Rayner, and he becomes fairly close friends with Iris (and Linda, who we’re reintroducing, because she’s eventually going to meet Wally at some stage). Why is an artist working at a newspaper? He does the cartoons, of course.

Over on Legends of Tomorrow is where we’d introduce the actual Green Lanterns themselves, but not Hal as a Lantern. Not just yet. Again, not 100% sure of the structure of Legends, but if they’re moving through time with each episode, I think it’s easy enough to come up with some sort of reason to have tendrils of Savage’s army doing some sort of work in space. Maybe, perhaps, Savage’s army are being supplied with weapons – weapons that work with the power of fear. Feeding on fear, amplifying it, and being generally quite bad. You wouldn’t have Yellow Lanterns straight up, but this is a very obvious reference to them. It’d also help to tie this into Parallax somewhat, perhaps, but that might not be necessary. At this stage, you’d have one, maybe two, Green Lanterns appear. Possibly Abin Sur, possibly not. Maybe, for budgetary reasons, it’d be easier to go for a human looking person.

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Anyway, it’s on Legends of Tomorrow where they set up the basic idea of the Green Lanterns existing.

Then! Hal Jordan comes back, in the present day, in Arrow. He interacts with Oliver Queen, as opposed to Arrow, and the two can reminisce, as they do. It’s an opportunity for humour, which is always a good thing. Eventually, however, Oliver will have to dash, because he needs to do something Arrow based. I like the idea, actually, of both Hal and Oliver making awkward excuses to leave, and neither of them really noticing what the other is doing, because they’re both trying to get out – because someone is making trouble in Starling City! Maybe it’d be a nice callback to the earlier Flash episode if it was the same person. That way we, the audience, know that this is an Alien problem. And just at the same time as the return of Hal Jordan…?

So, the Arrow is fighting this super strong fellow, and obviously struggling. And then a green light fills the sky, and green rays of light are shot towards the alien. (Might want to avoid the actual constructs at this stage, to keep the costs down, and simply chalk it up to Hal being relatively inexperienced)

At this stage, Oliver and Hal find out about each other. Maybe they recognise each other, and you can have a callback to the rather amusing scene from the Green Lantern movie about not being able to see cheekbones and whatnot.

You keep Hal in Arrow for another couple of episodes, before eventually, in the middle of a climactic fight… his ring stops working. That’s odd. No-one quite knows why. So they send him over to Central City, where he can work with the STAR Labs team. Cisco is of course over the moon.

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At this stage (I think we’ll have reached around episode 18 of The Flash, ish) we spend some time fleshing out the friendship between Hal and Barry. As Cisco (and Ronnie?) work with Hal to try and fix the ring, establishing some of the lore with regards to hope and willpower and etc, Hal is also a helpful member of the team, perhaps giving them information about some new aliens who are in town.

Here’s where you could take it in a couple of different directions. I’d want to have a big threat here, so maybe we’d bring in Parallax. It’d be nice to really push the shared universe angle, so let’s go for it, and have a Parallax threat that is a problem for both Central and Starling City, meaning we’re watching the Arrow and Flash finales show the same threat being combated in different ways at different times.

And then… I’d kill Hal Jordan. Dead! Never coming back. (Except, you know, leaving it open in such a way that, if we wanted, we could bring him back as Parallax, a few years down the line.)

Hal dies before the Parallax threat is solved, so it’s a massive demoralising moment for the group, because they were really counting on his help with this. Barry and Oliver are both very sad.

This is going to set a couple of things in motion. Obviously, death of a lantern means the ring will choose a new host – and we have two potential hosts lined up already. We’ve got Kyle Rayner, the artist who’d be able to work on some pretty impressive ring constructs… and, potentially, John Stewart Diggle.

So, either of them can become the new Lantern, and they then help save the day from Parallax.

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Or! Actually, I just thought of this now. Diggle can become the Lantern, and help save the day. At the end, the Lantern from Legends of Tomorrow comes along, telling him that he’ll need to come to Oa, and all that jazz.

Diggle isn’t interested. He wants to stay where he is. So he gives up the ring, and it finds its new host – Kyle Rayner. Best of both worlds. We get to have Diggle as a Lantern, and keep him on Arrow.

Kyle goes off to Oa, meaning that he can return again on either show in future, or Legends of Tomorrow, or even a Green Lantern TV show.

And Oliver, inspired by the death of his friend Hal, and perhaps a few quips made at various stages of the series, takes on a new mantle. A slightly different mantle.

That of the Green Arrow.

And thus ends series 4 of Arrow and series 2 of the Flash, ready to take us into the next year… where the world is going to be in a very different place, after the invasion of Parallax. (Which I guess could be a problem, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.)

Any thoughts?

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