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supergirl melissa benoist first look arrowverse cbs costume

This is quite interesting actually.

I have been really getting into the DC comics TV shows of late – Arrow, Gotham, particularly The Flash, which is excellent, and I am really looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow, which sounds like one of the most amazing things ever.

And, of course, Supergirl. I wrote something about it recently, where I essentially said I was a bit trepidant about the logistics of the show in terms of the Superman connection, and suggested an alternative. Of course, as is always the way, it’s the version I was trepidant about that they’re going with.

But, to be fair, it does look pretty good. This trailer is essentially just a cut-down version of the Pilot version, taking some important plot moments and introductory dialogue (and jokes) and then compressing it into 6 minutes.

I mean, yes, my original worries still stand, about how exactly Superman fits into this. I’d be willing to be that they’re not allowed to actually have him appear on the show, in the same way Arrow has had to stop using Suicide Squad, because of the movie coming up – which seems to me like it’ll cause problems. They’d have to deal, pretty early on, with the question of where Superman is, why he isn’t there every week, and then possibly deal with an even bigger problem, that maybe the audience would just be more interested in Superman proper.

Mind you, I was pretty impressed by what I saw. I’m of the mindset that, for the most part, superhero adaptations should have a sense of joy and fun about them – which is why I enjoy The Flash, and hated Man of Steel. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t be serious, because that’s important too, but more that they shouldn’t be overly dark and depressing.

This show, to me, looks like fun. It looks like Kara is enjoying herself. There’s a lot of smiling going on there, and that is enough to convince me.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is an actual full series featuring a female lead, as opposed to Agent Carter, which was just 8 episodes. Though having said that, I am vaguely worried that there might be a few “women like clothes, let’s have them talk about their outfits” moments. But it’s too early to judge that aspect, I think, because there’s also the “what’s wrong with ‘girl’” line, which I quite liked.

So… mixed feelings, but largely positive.

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