On Skulduggery Pleasant, ended

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I finished the final Skulduggery Pleasant book about two weeks ago.

It was a very, very good book, and a really fitting end to the series. It was not, admittedly, perfect. I could have done with another 300 hundred pages or so, because the final part of the book was a bit rushed, and there was, admittedly, one aspect I wasn’t quite happy with and probably never will be.

I loved it though, I really did.

There was a strange sense of completion, once I’d finished it. I’m struggling to articulate it really; when I closed the book, I wasn’t just closing that one particular book, but something a little bit more than that.

And I think that, on some levels, Derek Landy anticipated this, because in the final two books he brought back every character who’d ever appeared, even ones who just had little bit roles. It really helped to encompass everything, and tie it all up in a little bow. It was nice, it really was.

Except, of course, it isn’t the end, not quite. I deliberately didn’t read a couple of the short stories in Armageddon Outta Here, so there will always be, in effect, some “new” Skulduggery at any point. And, you know, fingers crossed for a film series at some point.

And, hey, I can always reread them.

So, essentially… the moment was prepared for, but it’s not the end. Not really. Not ever.

Note: “It’s not the end” became more literal in this case than I anticipated.

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