In anticipation of Doctor Who Series Eight

doctor who series 8 peter capaldi twelfth doctor jenna coleman clara oswald london world tour steven moffat

With Series Eight broadcasting in a few days time, I wanted to collect together everything that I’d written on it into one place.

Starting with the Doctor, there’s my initial hopes for the Doctor, as well as my initial thoughts on his outfit (which has grown on me since writing that; it looks a lot nicer in recent photos than in the original one.)

There’s also a pitch for an episode with Ian Chesterton, as well as an outline for a short jokey scene.

On the topic of companions, I’ve got a post about Clara’s duplicates, my thoughts on Danny Pink, and how a series with a detective companion might work out. There’s also my thoughts on the Master, and how he might work with the Twelfth Doctor.

Finally, there’s my thoughts on the first full length trailer, the Deep Breath trailer, the Listen trailer, and a recent radio trailer.

Also! Each week I’m going to write a review of the episodes, in the same vein as my recent Nine Years of the Ninth Doctor, which should hopefully be quite detailed and in depth. (I’m also thinking of calling it Twelve Weeks of the Twelfth Doctor, but maybe not.)

Only three days to go!

Note: Some of these posts haven’t yet been reuploaded from tumblr to the new wordpress site – probably they will be eventually, but until then… well, honestly, you’re not missing out that much.

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