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And now there’s a new radio trailer!

This one focuses, essentially, on the fact that Peter Capaldi has been in Doctor Who before. It questions where the faces of the Doctor actually come from – how he ends up with a face that’s already worn in, with wrinkles and laughter lines. It’s quite similar to something that Moffat discussed in DWM, around the time Capaldi was first cast.

“It’s covered in lines. But I didn’t do the frowning. Who frowned me this face?”

I admit, I’m not entirely sure what to think of this. I’m more or less okay with Capaldi’s previous characters being left unexplained; it never really felt necessary, given all the other occasions things like that have happened across 50 years, and that I was worried about over complicated retcons (Twelve was in Pompeii, using the chameleon arch!) and the frankly quite real possibility that it wouldn’t have a very good payoff and would just be a bit rubbish.

However, having said that… I really do like the dialogue in this trailer, and I feel that it might have the potential for something really pretty interesting, especially, or perhaps inevitably, if tied into the return of Gallifrey. (As a sidenote, I’d rather Gallifrey wasn’t dealt with until series 9 or perhaps even 10. I want Twelve to settle a bit first, for us to get to know him, before we see this potentially massive upheaval and the ramifications. Equally, I would like to see Twelve with the Time Lords, properly, and not just have one episode before regeneration or something similar)

So… thinking about it, this is getting me rather excited. I do love Doctor Who.


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