TV Trailer Thoughts | Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer

doctor who series 8 trailer into the dalek clara oswald twelfth doctor peter capaldi jenna coleman be my pal tell me am I a good man

I am properly excited for this, in a way I haven’t been for ages. Even with the 50th Anniversary, and Time of the Doctor, I was feeling a bit trepidant, a little anxious. With this one though, I am totally, unreservedly excited. It’s going to be amazing.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi in the role. That seems quite obvious, everyone is. But from this trailer, it looks as though he’s going to be quite similar to what I was hoping for his Doctor. More mature, a little bit on the morally ambiguous side. Someone quite reserved, in contrast to Matt Smith’s Doctor. I’m leaning towards the word “unflappable” actually. Yeah, unflappable.

The “Am I a good man?” stuff seems really, really interesting to me. I like the more reflective stuff, where you have to actually weigh up the good of the Doctors actions. (I swing between loving the idea of the Doctor as simply trying to do his best, and loving the idea of him trying to do his best, but making it worse).

I’m hoping that that’ll be quite important in the series as an overarching theme, and maybe, maybe that might lead into a Valeyard story. But I do get the feeling that I’m pushing it a little bit with that.

The rest of the trailer looks pretty good as well. Daleks, back again. I understand they’re in Phil Ford’s episode, so I’m confident that’ll be a good one. There’s a dinosaur, which really just speaks for itself. And! Some cool new aliens that we don’t know about, which is all untold possibilities and new and wow.

So… roll on August 23rd. I really, really can’t wait.

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