Nine Years of the Ninth Doctor: Winner Takes All

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It’s not fair, is it, when we’re forced into pitying someone we hate. Feels like the world’s turned topsy-turvy. But it’s all right. You’re still allowed to hate them. As long as you don’t gloat at their downfall, that’s all.

love this book.

I know, cutting right to the chase here. Normally I’d have a little paragraph of introduction, talking about how prolific an author Jacqueline Raynor is, mentioning all the other books she’s written, all of those things – but, nope, none of that. I just really love this book.

First of all, there’s a really, really great premise. Aliens are exploiting human greed in the most contemporary and banal of ways; through lottery scratchcards. That lends it a really, really realistic touch. There’s some very, very deep moments, and they’re all really… true. All the conflicting emotions, for example, are done exceptionally well. Rose is glad that someone died, yet at the same time she’s revolted at herself for thinking that – but doesn’t care, because the person who died was quite so horrible. That’s really, really fantastic, and it’s written brilliantly.

As well as that, there’s some great moments for the Doctor, which you can really just imagine Christopher Eccleston performing. There’s some funny scenes, showing the less serious side to the Doctor, like when he’s joking around and making puns with Rose – that was really nice, and it did feel like something that you might see in an actual episode. On the other side of it, which is borne from another aspect of the plot, there’s a point at which the Doctor has to control Rose so as to be able to save the day – and he absolutely hates it. He hates the fact he has to degrade her, remove her autonomy, control her like that. You can imagine the steel in Eccleston’s eyes when he talks about it.

So, another great book then. Definitely reccomend this one; it’s absolutely brilliant.


Nine Years of the Ninth Doctor Reviews

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