On the Twelfth Doctor’s outfit

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Ooh, Peter Capaldi’s outfit. Okay, thoughts.

It’s a bit… well, I don’t know. It feels a bit empty, a bit underwhelming. There should be a cravat or something. The costume doesn’t really strike much of a silhouette. It’s nice though. I think I’ll warm to it pretty quickly, but… ah, it’d be nice if it had a cape. A cape would be great.

Just something to shake it up a little, make it a bit less nondescript.

He doesn’t look wildly different to how he did when wearing the remnants of Matt’s outfit, not really. And I think that’s a shame. Hmm. That’s what’s bothering me, and I imagine what’s making it seem so meh to others. It’s essentially what he was wearing after the regeneration scene, isn’t it? Woolen rather than tweed, blue rather than purple, it’s pretty much the same. You’ve even got the buttons done the whole way up.

I don’t know. To be honest, I think I’d have preferred that blue suit of his he wore during the unveiling! But that might have been too much like Tennant.

I’m starting to think that the reason this non-descript-ness is bothering me is because 6 is my favourite Doctor…

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Ooh, I just had a thought.

When we eventually get a female Doctor, there could be quite a nice scene early on in their run…

ALIEN: And what’s your name?

DOCTOR: Oh, John Smith.

ALIEN: John?

DOCTOR: Did I say John? Joanna, I meant Joanna. John, short for Joanna. Without the “an” and the “a” parts, obviously. It’s a family thing you see, John and Joanna… Yes. Joanna Smith, that’s me.

It’d just be a nice way to show the Doctor adjusting to the change. (Assuming that’s the way they want to go with it, of course, that’s hardly necessary.)

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