How to bring Ian Chesterton back to Doctor Who

doctor who ian chesterton william russell return coal hill school school reunion clara oswald jenna coleman series 8 the caretaker

So, I keep thinking about that post that’s going around, saying how everyone would love to see Ian and Clara in an episode together, given that she’s working in Coal Hill now, and he’s the Headmaster…

It seems to me that there’s a great episode here, which I think could be done… relatively easily.

It should be a sort of an anthology story, framed around the idea of Ian and Clara swapping stories in the staff room.

So you’d open with them, drinking tea and laughing together, talking about the Doctor. And then Ian says, “Did I ever tell you about the time…?” From there, there’s two ways of going about things. Either you could film a new, short adventure with the Adventure in Space and Time team (you’re only looking at about 15 minutes of the episode here) or, should the missing episode rumours be true, you could have clips from Marco Polo, and tell a truncated version of the story.

Then, after Ian’s finished his story, Clara goes “Oh but Ian, let me tell you about…” – and you can either have Matt Smith come and film a short minisode (because that’s the sort of length we’re looking at), or you continue with Peter Capaldi.

Now, personally, I think, in the context of the episode, it’d work better with Matt Smith. Not only is it a nice little reference to the past, it also means that the final scene of the episode works better – because it’ll be the first point in the episode we see Peter Capaldi…

Clara finishes her tea, and bids a farewell to Ian.

And then… there’s a sound. A wheezing, groaning sound.

Someone’s standing by the staffroom door. Someone that, despite everything, Ian recognises.

“Hello Doctor”
“Hello Chatterton”

And the two friends laugh, and talk. And the episode fades out…

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