Guest Post | Ifunanya on Homestuck: Things I think about upd8

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It’s pretty cool Dirk has that God Tier power up his sleeve. It’s quite fitting for a Prince of Heart, prince meaning destroyer.

Really Dirk’s been demonstrating his tendencies as a Prince of Heart for ages, since His introduction. All versions of himself, Auto-Responder, Lil’ Hal, Brobot, Dream Dirk, brain-ghost Dirk, all serve to show the inclination as a Prince of Heart to have multiple versions of yourself existing.

Princes tend to “destroy” or “split”. The aspect of Heart symbolizes the body and soul.

Just like Aranea’s soul is being split from her body right now.

Dirk’s ability to both function as his real and dream self simultaneously is also really befitting of a Hero that can split his soul and/or body. Strangely, Dave – it was revealed, had a dream self that was awake all this time. Similar to Dirk, maybe Dirk, or Dave’s bro passed on this ability? Hmmmmmmm. There’s probably something to be said about Dirk possessing an unbreakable katana while being someone who splits and destroys souls and bodies. I don’t know though. Finally, Dirk wasn’t at all affected by Trickster Mode, probably because of his Heart aspect and maybe something to do with his class too? Hmmmmmmm.

Ifunanya is one of my closest friends; he originally wrote this post on his (now abandoned) tumblr blog in 2013. I reblogged it at the time, which meant that when I imported my tumblr to wordpress to create my new website, this came with it. I’ve left it up mainly because I know that’d annoy Ifunanya, and I think that’s really funny.

I would link to some of his social media, but he’s blocked me on a lot of it after I wrote him a very heartfelt and moving birthday message. Go figure. So, instead, here’s my social media, per the norm.

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