Guest Post | Ifunanya on the Homestuck upd8: Welp.

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We are all completely blown away by this stunning revelation.
Wow. Aranea. Really? Like the “nice Vriska”?

Well I don’t think anyone saw that coming. We were all DISTACTED. I suppose something might be expected of Aranea as she is the post-Scratch Mindfang and yet didn’t show any of Mindfang’s personality traits. Weird. This doesn’t neccesarily mean she’s evil does it? Maybe not. I dunno. It’s a serket 😉 Joke said 100 times before. 

It’s worth noting that her mind powers seem to be stronger than Vriska’s. She has the same powers as Vriska as well as a sort of telepathy too. Maybe it’s because she’s older, or has had more time to train her powers? It’s strange that she was able to mind control Gamzee despite him being higher on the hemospectrum than her. Maybe it’s because of those stronger mind-powers again. After all, she did help Vriska mind control thousands of ghosts, which included must’ve included a lot of teal-bloods and higher, which are supposedly not susceptible to mind control. Maybe Aranea’s powers are strong enough insofar that she can control even them?

Strangely, she was never once a playable character… just like Gamzee, and we never knew his true intentions and we all know how that turned out.

When this panel was shown with Aranea looking sinister, some said it was foreshadowing, but I thought that it was just because she knew that Vriska and Meenah were messing around to stop her talking about leprachaun romance, but maybe now, that was to mean something else?

Especially as the panel just after that showed Terezi’s eyes, that she reluctantly let Aranea heal after some persuasion. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Also, just thinking here, but Terezi is a Seer of Mind, if Aranea really IS evil, which is a possibility, could she have done something with Terezi’s new eyes to compromise that role? Just speculation, I dunno.

Also a lotta people are saying that Meenah is the one calling Aranea, but couldn’t it be the Condesce instead? I don’t know how Meenah would even call as she’s still dead, unless the phone is special or something. Maybe Aranea is in cahoots with HIC. Cahoooooooots!!!!!!!! Cahoots I say. Maybe, just a thought. 😛

Ifunanya is one of my closest friends; he originally wrote this post on his (now abandoned) tumblr blog in 2013. I reblogged it at the time, which meant that when I imported my tumblr to wordpress to create my new website, this came with it. I’ve left it up mainly because I know that’d annoy Ifunanya, and I think that’s really funny.

I would link to some of his social media, but he’s blocked me on a lot of it after I wrote him a very heartfelt and moving birthday message. Go figure. So, instead, here’s my social media, per the norm.

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