The Flash Trilogy Movie Pitch

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So, at the same time that the Batman v Superman film was announced, it was also said that a Flash movie would be made for 2016, leading into a Justice League movie in 2017.

Assuming that it’s a success, sequels will be in order. This here is the plan they should try to follow…

The Flash

This. This is the film they should make; it’s pretty much the best possible way of doing things.

But to set up for a sequel, one last thing has to be added at the end, post credits…


An ELDERLY WOMAN is crossing the street using a zimmer frame.

A close-up shot reveals she has a hearing aid, meaning she’s deaf – so she can’t hear the car speeding towards her!

People on both sides of the street are yelling at her, trying to gain her attention, but to no avail – she just can’t hear them. And then, there’s a flash of red and yellow light! The elderly woman is gone!

In fact, she’s on the other side of the street, standing with… THE FLASH! He saved her from the car!

Whilst the Flash is being applauded by the gathered crowd, the camera stops on a MAN lingering in an alley.

He is wearing a dark blue suit with a red shirt. He takes out a phone, and begins to speak into it.

You were right Max… he is one of us.

And, at that, he is gone – in a red and blue blur. He can run as fast as the Flash.


So, that’s the post-credits teaser idea that leads into the next film: The Flash is not alone.

The Flash: Speed Force

So, at the end of the last film, it would have been established that the Flash, Barry Allen, is not alone.

But now, the story has to be a little bit more than that. What I’m thinking here is that it should become a film about what being super-powered will make you, as a person. How it changes your life, beyond the actual ability to run fast – what makes one person a villain, and another a hero – or, indeed, makes them do nothing. Which means, of course, you need to be able to contrast different people against each other.

The film should open with a brief re-introduction to the Flash; who he is and what his powers are. A quick action set piece, probably a car chase sequence – something to easily show he’s a good guy and he runs really really fast.

Anyways, what needs to happen is for Barry to meet the other Speedsters (because that is, for whatever reason, what they’re called). A group of them (at the minute 3, but possibly it should be expanded to 4?) meet up regularly to discuss, analyse and try to understand their abilities. The 3 of them are…

Jay Garrick: The oldest of the group, and it’s leader. He is quiet and reserved, but commands a lot of respect.

Max Crandell: Tending to go by the name of ‘Max Mercury’, he is a very intelligent man.

Savitar: Refusing to go by any other name, Savitar is somewhat of a wild card in the group. Manic and obsessive, no one really understands him.

To go with the theme of “How do you change when you have superpowers?” each character has to have differing reactions to said powers. So…

Jay Garrick: Let’s say, then, that Garrick has grown to hate his powers. When he was young, and first gained his powers, he used them to much the same affect that Barry did – although never became quite so famous, since there wasn’t a huge amount of media coverage back then.

But, being older than the others, he has come to notice a side effect of the powers – as you use them, your ageing process slows down. Which means he should be 80 – but is in fact 50. And his wife, whom he loves very dearly, is 80 for real; and he can’t be with her. He can’t watch as she slips away from him. I don’t care that you grew old, I care that we didn’t grow old together, so to speak.

Max Mercury: He’s researched the Speed Force. A lot. In fact, he’s come to be an expert on it – because that’s what his powers drove him to do. He wanted to understand, to research, to make it tangible to him.

Savitar: Savitar has come to view the Speed Force very mystically, as something that was granted upon him by a higher power – which is why he’s taken the name of the Hindu God of motion. He’s also developed a bit of a God Complex; he considers himself better than all of the ‘mortals’ and only begrudgingly respecting his fellow Speedsters. Savitar wants to be better than them as well – and the only way for that to happen is if he has more speed.

So, that’s our theme, and our characters. But we also need a plot.

If Barry has been doing his superhero thing for a while, then he’s going to have garnered a few enemies. One such enemy is a mob boss who operates in the city – Barry has more or less shut down his entire operation (this is shown over the course of the film, so there are still some action sequences to stop people getting bored).

Eventually, the mob boss, whom we shall call Moran, has decided to fight fire with fire – he wants fast crooks to beat the fast cop.

His gang, his mob, they realise that there’s a group of people who are researching the Speed Force – and so they kidnap Max Mercury and Savitar. Max is the brains, and Savitar is the hostage.

Max does the research, and finds out how to induce/remove speed from people. Savitar, meanwhile, goes completely crazy and is ready to become the big bad guy.

From there, the final act is a relatively simple sort of big fight. Garrick is guilted into using his speed powers to help Barry save the pair of them from the boss. Garrick ends up fighting the henchmen, whilst Barry is fighting Savitar – because he went totally crazy.

So what should happen then is that Barry kills Savitar, effectively saving the day – but not at a cost Barry is happy with.

That’s pretty much the end, but… I’m thinking there should be some sort of scene in which Garrick’s wife is made younger as well, just to make him happy, and complete his character arc.

Next film…

The Flash: Legacy

Final part. Probably going to be quite long and rambly, because I’m working it out as I go along.

At the end of the last film, events would have culminated in Barry killing Savitar. And this is something that should feed into his position in this film – he should be wondering about his place in the world as a hero. Believing he’s not suited to have these powers, to be in such a position of authority.

The film would start, then, by showing that Barry isn’t being the Flash anymore; in the months since Savitar’s death, he has retreated back into his real identity, working as a police scientist.

Perhaps as well the police have decided that the Flash is a danger to them – it was alright when he was helping old ladies cross the street, but now that he’s killed a person, that’s remarkably dangerous. Someone with powers like that, going around killing people? It’s not a notion they would even want to entertain the possibility of.

From there, we would bring in Professor Zoom. But we’d call him Professor Thawne, because it’d seem a bit cheesy to call him Zoom.

Let’s say that he’s been talking to Barry, offering him counsel on his life (Barry hasn’t told him that he’s Flash, but Thawne is evil and so already knows this. Maybe Barry told him he falsified evidence or something). But by way of giving him this counsel, he’s also sowing the seed of doubt within his mind, reinforcing the belief that Barry isn’t good enough to be the Flash.

And then Thawne goes out and does evil things at superspeed – killing people, theft, probably vandalism as well – which gives the Flash a bad name. Which means that the people of Keystone City will believe that the Flash is, in fact, evil.

What I’m really thinking here is that it would be similar to Moriarty’s plan in the Sherlock episode “The Reichenbach Fall”, mostly because I can’t really think of anything else for him to do. In the second film Barry would have fought Savitar, so there’s already been a superpowered fight; there needs to be something different. So the angle that I’m thinking it should be is a bit more psychological.

And the idea of Zoom discrediting better fits with his actual backstory, I think – crazy obsessive from the future who wants to become Barry Allen. How to make that fit in exactly I’m not sure; I suppose it would just be part of his final “I’m evil” reveal.

Eventually they do need to have a super speed battle, I suppose; it should come within the last twenty minutes or so. And then… I think Barry should sacrifice himself to destroy Zoom. Possibly they both end up inside the Speed Force or something like that. That’s a pretty good way of nodding to the comics, but isn’t absolutely finite if the powers that be ever want to bring Barry back.

This should probably be called The Flash: Legacy, because that does fit in with the theme, to a degree; it’s the legacy of Barry’s prior actions that haunt him at the start, and it is his legacy that Thawne wants to destroy.

But maybe this whole thing is just a bit rubbish… hmm. I don’t know.

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