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There’s this thing House does (I’m watching repeats) where it’s sort of… semi-serialised. Big things are carried over (like the Huntington’s) but some of the smaller things don’t. And it means that a load of stuff just comes out of left field, which aren’t built up nor are mentioned again.

One I keep thinking of is… Brennan, his name was. The fellow who worked in third world countries and eventually poisoned a patient so he could get funding for clinical trials. Now… before the episode in which he was fired, he hadn’t shown much of an inclination to do something like that before – it was really as though that whole thing had been made up to get rid of him. Which it probably was.

I think that could have been relatively easily remedied by… well, maybe once an episode, or every other episode, he could have mentioned how upset he was about the social injustices of medicine or some such. At least that way there would have been a precedent of sorts.

The same thing sort of applies to Thirteen’s Huntington’s… her shaking was introduced in the same episode the Huntington’s was first considered.

So, yeah. They’ve stopped doing it around the end of series 4 now. Although apparently it might happen again. Hmm.

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